• Aug 25, 2022
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What Horse Riding Clothing Do You Need To Practice Horseback Riding?

Horse riding is a vast tradition that every summer becomes fashionable again, given the excellent weather conditions and all that a ride through nature offers. But unlike other sports in which you need to wear suitable Horse Riding Clothing and comfortable footwear to practice them, in horse riding you must have some more aspects to take into account.

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You will need to equip yourself with the appropriate Horse Riding Equipment and riding clothes to practice horse riding. So we will tell you which are the essential Horse Riding Clothing and accessories that you cannot miss if you want to carry out such a prestigious sport in the best possible way and what are the aspects to be considered.


Essential Horse Riding Clothing and Horse Riding Equipment 

First of all, you must be clear that the riding clothes must have the proper fit that allows you to be fully attached at all times. The clothes must guarantee your safety and save the appearance in such a traditional sport. Of course, make sure that you are going to be comfortable and that you can move freely. The horse riding clothing and horse riding gear you choose will also depend on the time of year you will ride since you will need casual clothes in the summer months than in the winter.

The helmet: It sure is the first thing that comes to mind. And is that without a doubt, the Horse Riding helmet will be the most crucial garment when you go horseback riding if you want to guarantee your safety. It will be in charge of protecting you against any fall, so it is vital that you get a suitable helmet and that it is fully approved. To do this, make sure that the helmet fits you like a glove and that it does not dance on your head.

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The boots: Along with the helmet, the most important are horse riding boots. Try riding a horse with sports shoes or conventional footwear, and do it again with approved boots. The difference is enormous, so much so that you will immediately go to buy some boots for yourself. To do this, you must make sure that the boots are adapted for horseback riding and have a place reserved for the stirrup. Usually, high leather or rubber boots with some heels are used, although this will depend on the taste of each one.


The pants: Many people choose to wear jeans or tracksuit pants, which can be used for a specific occasion, but if you are going to practice this sport regularly, we recommend that you wear specific horse riding pants. These are pants specially designed for horse riding, so they have a double coating to protect you against falls and do not have internal seams to guarantee your comfort.


Riding Gloves: Perhaps they are the most optional accessory since they protect you from the cold in summer. They are designed to protect your hands in the event of a fall or the appearance of blisters.

The jacket: Obviously, this horse riding clothing is used in winter to protect from the cold. Many people in their early days in this sport also choose to use it in the event of a possible fall since it will undoubtedly cushion the blow, and you will suffer minor damage.

In addition to all the equestrian clothing and accessories mentioned above, many others can help you practice riding in a much more comfortable and safe way. Check out knee pads, elbow pads, culottes to cushion the trot, rider clothing for children, and thicker socks.

equestrian clothing

It is imperative to wear equestrian clothing and horse riding equipment to ensure that you are not going to suffer any discomfort and that you are going to be safe and prevented from any fall or accident. In recent times, thanks to the boom that this sport is experiencing, there is a vast range of horse riding clothes UK that you can access by visiting at equine world