• Aug 25, 2022
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Importance Of Wearing Equestrian Helmets

If you ride a horse, it is not whether it will happen but when it will happen. At some point, you are going to fall. It is unavoidable. It happens to everyone, from rookies to Olympic riders. Suddenly, instead of looking between your horse's ears, you will have a very close and personal encounter with the ground. By wearing a properly fitted riding helmet, you are doing your best to be as safe as possible, considering the risks involved in riding.

We probably don't need to say so, but in case you need a little reminder of the benefits of wearing a horse riding helmet, also known as a horse riding skull cap, here it i


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Always wear a riding helmet when riding.

 You can fall, even during a standstill, we know from experience. How bad would my fall have been if I hadn't been wearing a helmet? Even the most reliable horses have a bad day or a wrong time. Why risk the only head you have? Horses are animals and big. And they don't think like us. Accidents happen. The message we want to convey is Equestrian Helmets, helmets, and more helmets!

There are a lot of styles! 

Some are vented, and some are for a show! Seriously, the design of riding helmets has improved a lot in the last couple of decades. We remember when old-school hard horse hats started to get outdated, and newly certified helmets were required at exhibits. At first, they looked like astronaut helmets. Wait! That is no longer so. With so many great options, why not compliment the ride with a great helmet or Equestrian Hats?


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Famous riders also wear helmets for riding. Even professional riders and champions of all modalities and categories wear riding hats and helmets in their daily lives. If they do, why shouldn't you?

When do I have to wear a helmet when riding a horse?

Whenever you ride a horse, wear a riding helmet. If you work with horses or handle them from the ground, you should wear them because it is elementary for a horse to kick you on the head if he misbehaves.

Wearing a helmet is a requirement for grooms in some stables and horse farms when taking them out to pasture, bringing them back, or even putting them in a horse walker. Younger horse keepers also wear Equestrian helmets, as they often do not fully control their legs and behavior.

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Do I have to wear a riding helmet by law?

There is currently no legal requirement for adults to wear riding helmets. However, there may be regulations, especially in specific competitions, requiring riders under a certain age to wear helmets or ride younger horses.

How do horse riding helmets work?

Many riders believe that what protects their head if they fall and get hit is the helmet's hard outer shell. However, this is not so. What protects the head is the protective lining. This liner is made from high-quality polystyrene, which is a bit like microscopic bubble wrap! Upon impact, the helmet does two things.

  • First, the carcass disperses the impact over the entire surface. The lining then lessens the contusion to the brain by increasing the time it takes for the impact to reach your head and for you to stop. Check equestrian clothing at equine world
  • The greater the impact, the more layers of bubbles will burst. In this way, what is damaged is the lining of the helmet instead of your head.
  • And now you can understand why if a helmet suffers a strong impact, even if it falls to a concrete floor, it needs to be replaced.

Find the best horse riding helmets.

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Putting on horse riding helmets is not disgraceful, and it does not indicate that you are less capable. The riding helmet must be kept clean and stored in a ventilated place. In addition, the helmets must not have any chipped parts or any cracks. After a brutal hit, the helmet should be replaced with another, such as a motorcycle helmet. Visit the equine world for a riding helmet for sale.Get everything at equine world